Anyone that knows us, knows how much our cars mean to us. We’ve given up meals and skipped doctors appointments so that these machines could get the attention they deserve. While most consider us nuts, that’s ok by us. Here’s our current line up of cars:

2015 Subaru BRZ | Toshiko | CS Trim

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Toshiko is a new addition to our car family replacing Kristen’s Miata. Ever since they came out, the FRS/BRZ platform has been the go-to choice for autocross enthusiasts that don’t want to break the bank. After having catastrophic failure with the Miata’s power plant frame, Kristen decided on getting a twin for it’s ability to essentially do everything well…and who could say no to that beautiful World Rally Blue!

1993 BMW 325i | Juliet | STX Trim

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We’ve owned Juliet (Jules) for a long time now (almost 5 years). Over the 5 years focused into a great fun car that’s extremely responsive to driver inputs. Looking to drive try and up the ante by giving it a thorough refresh for ’16 if all goes as planned. Oceanside Motorsports in Oceanside, CA keeps her running in top form 🙂

2015 Subaru WRX | Miyuki | DS Trim

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It was starting to become clear that although I loved Jules, I couldn’t really focus on daily driving the car with so many nuances and electrical issues (hey it’s a BMW..that’s pretty much SOP), so I walked into the showroom with an attempt to take a look at what all the fuss was about for the WRX platform. I hopped in during the test drive there were two things that crossed my mind: 1) Kristen’s going to do really well in this, and 2) It’s WRB and a Subaru ZOMG. What followed was a few iterations of paperwork, wheels and tires, and prepping for the SCCA Nationals for 2015.

Photo credit: Jules: Larry Houghton, Toshiko & Miyuki: Donny Ton of FRSport