The Tsang Brothers are a force to be reckoned with on any autocross circuit, but Justin and Mack are mostly known for tag-teaming their World Rally Blue BRZ in STX over the last few years. They’ve had great success in both the Pro Solo and Championship Tours and is the way with things it was only a matter of time until they tried something different. Out of the classes that they found of interest, STU was the one that really presented itself as something that could tickle their competition fancy as well as get to drive something with a bit more power and torque compared to their fully prepped Twin. After long hiatus, apexjunky is back with a featured import. This month’s feature is the STU Prepped Tsang 370Z. 

aj: What type of car do you have (mod list later on in the questionnaire)?

I have a 2016 Nissan 370Z with the sport package.

aj: A lot of people give their cars nicknames/actual names. Do you have one for the 370z?

No, I don’t have a name for my cars. I always thought it is a little corny.

aj: How much power is the car making to the wheels?

The car with the current mods make about 310whp/260wtq.

aj: Mod List! Let’s have it!


SPC Front Camber Arms

SPC Rear Camber Arms with Toe bolts

Diftech Eccentric Bolt Lockout Kit

ProParts USA Koni 3011 Coilovers

Hotchkis Front Sway Bar


OS Giken 1.5 Way LSD

Nismo Diff Cover

Whiteline Diff Bushings


Kinetix HFCs

ISR Y-Pipe

ISR Single Exit Exhaust

Post-MAF tubes w/K&N panel filters

Ecutek tune


18×10.5 +25 SSR TypeC-RS wheels with 275/35/18 Bridgestone RE-71R

If I decide to campaign this car nationally, I would probably get intakes, headers, lightweight rotors, and some 285s.

aj: The cars goal seems to be for street touring and we’ve seen Jeff Stuart have great success in his 350z in STU. With the influx of cars in STU such as the 987.2 Cayman S and even the Boxster and the C5 Vette, how do you feel the Z would fare in class?

Part of the reason, I purchased the 370Z was due to the success of the 350z in STU in the hands of Brian Peters, Bryan Heitkotter, and Jeff Stuart. I wanted a newer car, therefore, I bought the 370z.

On paper, the 370z should be faster than the 350z since it is slightly more powerful and supposedly lighter. However, in autocross trim, the 370z may actually be slightly heavier than the 350z since the fuel pump pickup requires ¾ tank to avoid fuel starve. ¾ tank in a 370z is a lot since it has a 19 gallons tank. Another disadvantage of the 370z vs the 350z is the width, which makes a difference in slaloms and transitions.

I feel a well-prepared 370Z should still be competitive in STU even against the 987.2 Cayman S since it does have tire and power width advantage, even though the Cayman has a weight advantage. I am not so sure about the C5 Corvette since I don’t really know much about them. However, for ProSolos, the Cayman S and the AWD cars would be tough to hang with.

aj: What was the biggest “surprise” or obstacle you faced when you worked on the car (as in what was maybe supposed to have been an easy task but ended up being a pretty huge undertaking)?

So far, I have taken out the differential multiple times to change out the lockup rate etc, it had been annoying and time-consuming. But thanks to Jonathan Lugod and Sean Fenstermacher, I now have a OS Giken LSD that I am very happy with.

I also screwed up the front shocks when I shot them on with an impact gun, but Jeff Wong at ProParts USA helped me out and got them fixed for me with a quick turn around.

Also. I know in the future if I install the headers, it would be a huge pain. From what I read on the forum, it can be more than a full day job so I am not really looking forward to that.

aj: Do you data log at all? What kind of data-logging system do you use? How easy was it to integrate the software to the OBDII system of the Z?

I uses Solostorm for data-logging. I don’t have anything special, just a regular OBD2 reader and an external GPS. Solostorm can be helpful when you have a co-driver that you can compare lines and inputs with.

aj: Let’s talk suspension. What do you think is one thing the car could do better (i.e. sweepers, hairpins, transients)?

I feel like the car does most things decently well. The one thing that my car can do better is probably slaloms, the car is pretty wide, so it can be easy to clip cones.

aj: What would you say the car’s primary strength is?

I don’t think the car has any specific strength over other cars in the class. It should do sweepers better than the AWD cars, but the E46s and C5 should do them just as well.

aj: Are there any sponsors you would like to acknowledge for their assistance in getting your car to the way that it is?

I would like to thank my brother, Mack Tsang, and my brother from another mother, Karlton Lew, on helping me put the car together. I changed the diff, exhaust, and suspension out too many times. Wouldn’t be able to do it without their help. Jeff Wong from ProParts USA for helping me get the suspension work done. Jonathan Lugod from OS Giken for setting me up with the LSD.

aj: As most of raced cars undergo continuous changes, what are the next plans for the car?

I am not sure what my current plan is, I did just list the car up for sale. I had a plan to get a AS C6 but that is currently on hold. I also want to know how the DS restructure for next year go, maybe I will get a 2015-2017 Golf R if it does get moved.

But part of me still wants to keep this car and see what it can do. If I do keep it, I would probably get intakes, headers, and lightweight rotors. We will see shortly.