Dec-05-2015-Speed Ventures - Black - Turn 2 inside - WS__5025_Dec0515_by_C-CaliPhotoI met Kenny through the SCCA and we formed a friendship almost 8 (9??) years ago. I asked a lot of questions and had him tag along in a few of my runs to showcase what I was doing wrong. I’ve learned a lot from him and we’ve joked about our good racing days along with the bad ones. It’s been a great friendship that honestly started by chance all those moons ago. Since then Kenny has evolved this CR-X into what is today….a car that’s affectionately called the Psycho Pineapple due to some of the sharp edges of interior, and well, it’s yellow. It’s also hilarious to call a wicked fast CR-X something rather outlandish. It just fits.

We’ve given a teaser to this car in a previous post. There was quite a lot of interest in this car after that post got published, so it was only fitting that this car be given a proper feature. Enjoy!

What type of car do you have (mod list later on in the questionnaire)?

1988 Honda CR-X

A lot of people give their cars nicknames/actual names. Do you have one for yours?

No, but others call it “Psycho Pineapple.”

Mod List! Let’s have it!

  • Roof extended for head room
  • Competition Engineering roll cage
  • Momo fixed back seats
  • Schroth ASM 4-point harness belts
  • Suede deep-dish Momo steering wheel
  • K-Sport coil overs
  • Wilwood 11″ brakes all around, 4 piston front and rear calipers with parking brake adapter
  • Polyurethane bushings everywhere
  • Evasive Motorsports rear strut tower brace
  • Tanabe front strut brace
  • Racing Member with tension rods and tow hooks
  • Beefy sway bars
  • Adjustable front upper control arms
  • Rear camber adjustable upper control arms
  • 15×8 autocross or 16×8 track XXR wheels, sticky tires
  • Hybrid Racing cable shifter
  • Quaife torque-biasing differential
  • 6 speed transmission
  • K20 engine using a Hondata ECU and stand alone wiring harness
  • Cold air intake
  • 4-2-1 exhaust header
  • Higher flow fuel pump
  • Upgraded radiator
  • Stripped Interior


What was the biggest “surprise” obstacle you faced when you worked on the car (as in what was maybe supposed to have been an easy task but ended up being a pretty huge undertaking)?

Not so much working on the car, but trying to quieten it down under 93db @ 50 ft for autocross has caused 3 iterations of exhaust piping, only to find out it’s all intake noise!

Have you always wanted to build a CR-X? If not what other cars have you built/modified?

When the car was just purchased so many years ago....

When the car was just purchased so many years ago….

I never planned modifying a CR-X, but that was the closest to the Opel Corsas I had in Germany. Light-weight with bigger engine was the goal. I had plenty of other modified cars before and while having this one. All I have now is a Classic Datsun Z car and a recently acquired Nismo 370Z. It’s a bit of car ADD I guess. My wife keeps telling me it’s a good thing she isn’t a car!

How much tire testing did you end up doing before going with the right size that made the car feel like it was in its’ “sweet” spot?

I’m not convinced it is in the sweet spot. Mostly I’m convinced to budget and availability. I don’t like spending too much on stuff, so I kinda always short change myself. I’m sure some light weight rims with beefier tires would make it even better, but oh well…

Let’s talk suspension. Given the geometry what do you think is one thing the car could do better (i.e. sweepers, hairpins, transients)?

I bought the wrong differential for autocross, which the car should be better at. On the track, it’s glorious!

What would you say the car’s primary strength is?

Simply put: the fun factor! It’s by no means the fastest, but it makes one smile for sure.

Given the supporting motor upgrades, has it been fairly reliable given the severe punishment it goes through?

Dec-05-2015-Speed Ventures - Black - Turn 1 inside - WS__5197_Dec0515_by_C-CaliPhoto

“Psycho Pineapple” at Streets of Willow

One reason for me not to modify the engine, but rather choose a bigger one is that I don’t have trouble getting replacements parts. It’s been very good to me so far!

Are there any sponsors you would like to acknowledge for their assistance in getting your car to the way that it is?

Not really sponsors, but Pro Align Service, a local shop, has done a lot of great things for me. If I needed odd-ball stuff Stanley Kowalski from Kowalski’s Machine Shop in Riverside has always helped!

As most of raced cars undergo continuous changes, what are the next plans for the car?

As I’m favoring rear-wheel drive, I’ll change cars end of the year and focus on the 370Z… Sad, I know, but I really think I’ll have more fun with that. Next year I’ll change alignment settings on the Datsun more towards autocross.