As the owner of a hard-driven BMW, I wanted to showcase a personal favorite BMW of mine: Nelson’s E92. Over the course of the past couple of years the car has really transformed. What we see here is a not just a BMW…it’s his personal take on the car that best describes his character and style.

nelson_io_front_light What type of car do you have?

I have a 2008 BMW E92 335i

What made you chose the automatic transmission over the manual?

Unfortunately, it really wasn’t much of a choice for me. Though I ultimately prefer having a manual transmission in a sports car, I am physically unable to constantly work the clutch pedal due to reconstructive left knee surgery I received when I was younger. Limited range of motion and my legs tendency to go numb below the knee are the major reasons why I have the automatic transmission.

How do you feel the automatic is suited to the 335? Is it a decent automatic that you’re able to have your fun with or is it too “dumb” to allow for any sporting characteristics?

The stock automatic “map” we’ll say, sometimes feels clunky and then others the shifts are exact and precise. I plan on having the B3 Alpina Transmission flashing done to dial in the shifts and gain responsiveness. Most of the time when I drive I drive in the “manual” mode I know some drivers will take offense to that , but I prefer it since I can tell the car when to shift versus having to worry about the car downshifting in the middle of a turn and getting squirmy.

nelson_io_parked2 A lot of people give their cars nicknames/actual names. Do you have a name for your BMW?

I simply call my car “Io” like the 4th largest moon of Jupiter. It’s simple and easy to remember, haha.

The car has come a long way from stock form. What was your overall goal with the car?

My overall goal with the car was just to build it in the perfect image of what I think BMW cars present themselves as. The newer models exude aggressiveness more outwardly than some of their predecessors. If you take a look at a 3 Series coupe with just the exterior sports package, the car is bland and boring to me. Hence most of my exterior modifications go to not only increase the aggressive presence of the car, but to also set it apart from a lot of the other E92s that people build. One of my  goals is to be able to fit a 305 series tire under the rear without the bolt on fenders.

nelson_io_dark_side On Instagram alone you have quite a lot of followers (over 7000!) How do you keep up with your social media alerts while still focusing on your job given that you are so responsive to basically all comments left?

Some days are better than others I’ll say. Most of the time I’m sitting at my desk awaiting some sort of help desk call from my team. Being the System Administrator, allows plenty of down time between “fires” to put out.

The Turbo six engine of the early gen 335’s have had serious nuances when it comes to oil cooling and a host of electrical gremlins privy to complicated systems in the BMW. Given the huge amount of mods you’ve done to the car, how reliable has this been and would you recommend this car to someone that may not have mechanical prowess?

Mod of the performance modifications I’ve done under the hood have ultimately been done to help increase the reliability of the car, from the Low temperature thermostat, to the brand new Vargas Stage 1 Hybrid turbos that were just recently installed to fix the dreaded “Wastegate rattle” that the OEM turbos are known for.I often get that question from  individuals on my social media and my answer is always to have the vehicle inspected by a professional shop, obtain the service history, and stay on a strict maintenance schedule. Sometimes things fail and you have to just go with the flow, but most of the time the car is solid with no issues to be had. I always tell them if they are not mechanically inclined that they either need to learn or have deep pockets as some of the more basic issues come with hefty price tags if having the work done through BMW or an indy shop.

Is this your daily driver. If not what is that you use to get you to and from the office?

She is in fact my daily driver, bought her January 2013 with 49,000 miles, she now sits with almost 136,000 and she still purrs and occasionally enjoys emptying my wallet.

Mod List! Let’s have it!



    • Vargas Stage 1 Hybrid turbos
    • Cobb AccessPort V2
    • AE Performance 3″ Cat-Back Exhaust
    • AR Design 3″ Hi-Flo Catted Down Pipes 
    • CP-e Upper Charge Pipe
    • VRSF Lower Charge Pipe
    • VRSF 5″ Front Mount Intercooler
    • Injen Dual Cone Intake System
    • Forge Diverter Valves
    • aFe Intake Scoops
    • BMS Oil Catch Can
    • BMS Cowl Delete Filters

    • nelson_io_front_darkAmuse Ericsson Front Bumper
    • NRG Innovations Carbon Fiber GTR Vented Hood
    • BMW Performance Gloss Black Kidney Grilles
    • ForceWerkz Carbon Fiber Side Skirt Extensions
    • Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers
    • BMW Carbon Fiber High Kick Competition Trunk Lip
    • Custom 8-Fin Rear Diffuser

    • Umnitza Orion V4 retrofits w/ Full Blackout
    • LED Smoked Side markers (Amber) 
    • City Vision 16-LED Turn Signal Bulbs (Amber)

    • ST Suspension Coilovers
    • Megan Racing Front Strut Bar
    • M3 Upper/Lower Control Arms
    • MotorSport Hardware 75mm Stud Conversion 
    • MotorSport Hardware Forged Steel Extended Race Nuts
    • Niche Targa – High Gloss Black (F: 18×8 ET 25 – Tires: Goodyear Eagle Sport A/S – 225/40)
    • Niche Targa – High Gloss Black (F: 18×9.5 ET 25 – Tires: Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 – 285/35)

If you had to sum the car’s handling characteristics in one word, what would it be?

In one word… Squirrelly which also describes my personality so my license plate “SQRLY 3” is a perfect fit. In all actuality the car is prone to understeer as it was never fitted with the Limited Slip Differential that the M3 received. I do a lot of canyon/mountain drives and that is definitely a huge downside of the car. I know that my tire sizes also, don’t help alleviate that so when it’s time for my front tires to be replaced I’ll be going with a bigger series tire, hopefully 245/40.

nelson_io_featured Are there any sponsors you would like to acknowledge for their assistance in getting your car to the way that it is?

The car has been solely sponsored by me . but there are some companies and individuals that do warrant praise for their helping hand in making this build what it is today. Alan Wei and the rest of the team at ModBargains, Steve and the guys at 7L Autosport, Tony from Vargas Turbo Technologies for having amazing customer service, and all of my followers on Instagram who continually support us with encouragement and their friendship.

As most of raced/project cars undergo continuous changes, what are the next plans for the car?

Continual fitment adjustments with bigger tires. To most people’s chagrin I do plan on adding a GT style wing into the mix, I feel it will round out the aggressive rear end of the car. Methanol Injection, LSD, and some paint changes.

Do you ever see yourself attending HPDE’s, Time Trials with NASA, or maybe Redline Time Attack, or maybe an autocross?

11233604_837947772908886_64871501113109396_o Definitely in the future once I decide to purchase another vehicle to serve as a daily.

If you had to do all again would you build the same car or would you go with something different? If so what would it be?

As much as I love my 335i, I definitely would have waited until I was ready to buy an e92 M3 and have a better starting point, also #DatS65Tho.

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