Allegoran flying through the corners while fine tuning the car before deciding on going for SCCA's FP class

Allegoran flying through the corners while fine tuning the car before deciding on going for SCCA’s FP class

I’ve personally known Ian since the old San Diego Grand Challenge days (a competition where the car was built within a $1,000 budget and competed in autocross and drag races back in 2010). As an avid BMWCCA instructor and San Diego SCCA hot-shoe, he’s no slouch behind the wheel. His wicked Bastos/Motul themed-E30 has undergone a huge transformation over the last six years. While still under development, we here at apexjunky thought this E30 was worthy of a feature, and while it’s a little bit more mental of a build than Nick Beier’s E30, we couldn’t not mention it. Yeah it’s another E30, but I mean…it’s an E30 and E30’s are awesome. Just ask anyone.

What type of car do you have?

’89 BMW 325i built for SCCA Solo FP Class

A lot of people give their cars nicknames/actual names. Do you have one for your e30?

Not officially, but it is casually referred to as “Bastos” sometimes.

Mod List! Let’s have it!

Ian's and his E30 in attack mode

Ian’s and his E30 in attack mode

Suspension and steering:

  • Bilstein sports
  • Front coilover conversion
  • IE stage 3 springs rear
  • IE camber plates
  • ST suspension sway bars
  • Subframe bushings
  • Control arm bushings
  • Trailing arm bushings
  • Z3 steering rack
  • Power steering delete
  • Exterior and aero:
  • Sunroof delete
  • Fiberglass hood
  • Gutted truck lid
  • Splitter/Spoiler
  • Bumper deletes
  • Rear fender flares
  • Lexan windows
  • Sweet paint job


  • Totally gutted including all of the tar, easier to list what it still has
  • Custom flocked dash
  • 6 pt half cage
  • 1 piece fiberglass seats
  • All Hvac removed except the fan to force a little air into the cabin on hot days
  • Doors gutted, crash bars and interior frame removed
  • Steering wheel, cheap
  • Quick release


  • Eta stroker crank
  • 1mm over high comp pistons
  • Myster-E ported head
  • 288 re-ground cam
  • HD rockers
  • Adjustable cam gear
  • Extrude honed intake
  • MS2 pnp
  • AFM delete
  • 39lb injectors
  • Running E85
  • Longtube headers
  • Custom 2.5” exhaust


  • Mostly stock and untouched
  • Z3 shifter
  • Urethane Diff Bushing
  • 4.10 lsd (stock)


  • Hawk HP+
  • CAtuned Steel brake lines

Wheels and tires:

  • 15×10 steelies for 275 A7s
  • 15×9 replicas for 225 RS3s

What was the biggest “surprise” obstacle you faced when you worked on the car (as in what was maybe supposed to have been an easy task but ended up being a pretty huge undertaking)?

Nothing in particular comes to mind. Bleeding the air out of the cooling system can be a bit challenging.

Have you always wanted to build an E30? If not what other cars have you built/modified?

At the time we originally built the car and for a few years after that I was racing a Subaru STi in stock class and then later in STU. Eventually I sold that and focused on improving the BMW above and beyond the original build.

The clear plastic home-made wing keeping the rear end of the squrily-E30 in check.

The clear plastic home-made wing keeping the rear end of the squirly-E30 in check.

We (me, my brother, Marco, and Matt) originally built the car for a budget racing series in 2009 in San Diego. It was the first and only year of the “Grand Challenge” which was a local version of the $200X challenge put on by GRM. It was a combination car show, drag race and autocross series with a $1000 budget, hence the name, get it?

We bought the car on Craigslist for $500 (good luck finding a running e30 for that price these days). It had 173,000 miles on the broken odometer, and a bunch of goodies already installed. To this day the shocks and rear springs are still from the $500 car. For the Grand Challenge we gutted the car, built the cage, installed the seats and did the paint job. The livery is a tribute to an old rally car livery made famous by Patrick Snijers (look it up on Youtube, very inspirational video). We only found out much later that “Bastos” is also Tagalog for: uncouth, rude, impolite, impertinent, indecent, etc. The car ended up taking second in the show, mid pack in the drags, sweeping all three autocross events and taking the overall win against some very tough competition.

Since the end of the Grand Challenge I eventually blew up the old stock motor, after racing it for several years, and built the current motor to replace it. I did a lot more of the weight reduction and suspension work and put some wide sticky tires on it.

Let’s talk suspension. Given the geometry what do you think is one thing the car could do better (i.e. sweepers, hairpins, transients)?

Tough to say. Nick Beier, who was featured on here a while back, and I have an ongoing discussion on suspension setup and comparison between our two e30s. We have not reached a conclusion yet about who has the better setup and in what areas. I think generally my setup is too soft and allows for too much body roll. On the A7s it is easy to overpower the diff and spin the inside tire, maybe a little less roll would help that.

What would you say the car’s primary strength is?

Looking faster than it is.

How reliable is the car given the abuse that you put it through?

Superstition does not allow me to answer this question.

Are there any sponsors you would like to acknowledge for their assistance in getting your car to the way that it is?

Mostly I’d like to thank the people that have sunk their time and effort into helping me with the car. The original build team: Erik Allegoren, Marco Vasquez and Matt Bonnell, the people who have helped spin wrenches on many occasions: Alden Rush, Nick Beier, Sean Thomson, and the Yamfangs (Hank and Rae). The various podcasts that have kept me company though some long days and nights in the garage: Hardcore History, Driving While Awesome, and The Non-Prophets.

As most of raced cars undergo continuous changes, what are the next plans for the car?

Stickier and wider tires. The gearing is all wrong for Autocross, so I am always on the lookout for a 3.25 LSD to put in the car.

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