So unless you’ve been under a rock you’ll have no doubt. have noticed leaked pictures a very convincing test mule with not-so-subtle blacked out badges with a huge wing of our beloved 2 door FR coupe in the sub mid 20s-low 30-ish thousand dollar market.  We know that Subaru already released the BRZ tS (aka tuned by STI) in Japan and it brought with it some tasty upgrades that made the already sharp twin even more appealing to the track day enthusiast, aside from something it desperately needed – a tuned out torque curve. What they gave us (well the for the Japanese market anyway) some 18″ alloys, grippier tires, aero canards, and a tasteful rear wing. The twin chassis is quite incredible and brings a giggle to anyone that has even the remotest “car enthusiast”. 

Here’s a picture of the BRZ tS that Road and Track Tested. Mighty nice in that beautiful Crystal White Pearl 🙂 

2015 BRZ tS. No you can’t have it here in the States.

And now we come to the spy photo that Subaru’s leaked out recently on their social media outlets. 

ZOMG….new BRZ STI! wait….

So first off we’ know it’s got the same wing as the tS model so we’re looking at something “new” just old…well at least in concept. Digging a little deeper we find some spy shots (surprisingly clear and crisp quality in fact). 

So let’s break down what we do see: 

  • Sideskirts mimicking the series.Blue skirts
  • 18″ wheels missing the STI center caps
  • Carbon fiber STI Wing 
  • What looks to be a two piston upgraded  Brembo kit up front, larger caliper with what looks to be a single piston assembly in the rear. This is most likely a carry over from the STI 
  • Reworked front splitter 
  • Reworked bumper – potentially for better airflow or just revised front fascia blocked off with black tape. 
  • Overall the car looks lowered about 10mm If i had to guess. This may be do potentially due to the lowering springs. 
  • Probably tS carryover subrame strengthening (granted you can’t see this, but it’s probably there)

What we will probably get

So all fan boy’s and would be lookers for the ideal sports car that’s lightweight and looking for a 250hp forced induced motor best keep looking – it’s just not gonna happen. Sorry, but ya’ll just’ll have to deal.  

What we will get however is a variant of the lovable fuel pump cricket-chirping direct injection FA20 churning out the 205hp mated to the fantastic 6 speed or 200hp mated to it’s incredible automatic (no seriously that auto is DAMN brilliant). We’ll see if the rest of the parts catalogue is thrown on the car (like maybe an intake or catback exhaust). 

Honestly with the stricter emissions regulations these day along with the ever needing quest for companies to make profit, a STI BRZ having a turbo motor will probably just be as sure as having a EJ257 that’s reliable –  a pipe dream.  

What it will probably cost

Well let’s see….Well equipped Limited BRZ’s are going for about 31-32k these days. Simple math and some guess work would put this around 37-38k. This puts it in actual STI territory and honestly when you’re talking that kind of money a lot of options open up to you. 

Why people would buy one 

When a car gets under your skin you just need to have it, logistics and reasoning be damned. We are at the end of the day enthusiasts, which means we do silly things at times. The twins have always been a sharp looking car, and this one is no exception. We’ll just have to wait to see what Subaru officially releases.