Thanks Danny for letting me drive the the NC!  Its amazing what you have done is such a short time.  This car was a basic NC with the Power Retractable Hardtop and no LSD but is now a STR contender.  It just shows that with the right parts and settings, you can make a car quick in a short period of time.  The car will only get better and will be interesting to see how it develops.


2010 Mazda MX-5 Miata PRHT

Rims: Kosei K5R 17 x 9, 48mm (16.9lbs*)
Tires: Bridgestone RE71-R 245/40R17 (used)

Roadster Header and Stock Catback

Moto East purchased tune but no Rev limit increase

MCS Coilovers, Single Adjustable
500lb front and 400lb rear springs
Progress Front Sway Bar
Whiteline Front Camber correction bushing

-2.8 Front and -2.1 rear degrees camber w/ Zero toe

OS Giken STR Miata Diff.
Has a Softer engagement tune vs the previous tunes.

Shout outs:
Jonathan Lugod @

Neutral Handling w/ slight mid corner understeer
Good brake modulation but lacks stopping power
Confidence inspiring and Easy to drive

The car does have an aftermarket steering wheel that technically has it classed in CSP yet everything else is STR Legal. Locally it runs STR but Nationally it will run CSP.  The steering wheel is smaller than OEM but that does not affect the handling, just the initial inputs.