Before I start, this should be reserved for those that drive autocross, specifically with the SCCA and before we all lose our tiny minds, these are mere proposals, but a lot of these have been on the docket for a while, so they’re not just passing musings of someone with access to the proposal sheet.

It does seem though that the SCCA SEB (Solo Events Board) has gone into the mission of “Making D-Street Great Again“.  I should say that this perspective comes from the perspective of  and owner who arguably has  the DS Car to have: A 2015 WRX.  Alas my friends,  I am not short-sighted. A lot of cars make sense to to be moved to their new classes, although I have to say the latest list concerns me a bit.

Twins to DS

Non-TRD Option Twins from 2013-2016 are slated to grace DS. I love the Twins….we even have one…but I am laughing at this. Regionally (San Diego Region and Cal Club), I keep pace with the traditional Nationals-style courses in the WRX with the CS cars. In fact, I’m near matching their times, if not raw-timing them to begin with. My wife, Kristen, completely disagrees with me. According to her, she believes that the gorgeous but torque-dipped two-door coupe could hold it’s own against the WRX. Now I’m not going to argue with the her, because well, she knows what she’s talking about. It’s so hard to even consider a twin in stock class that’s not running the TRD option pack,  but one thing does hold true. If it’s a TIGHTER course, the agile twins, would have the advantage to the rather sledge-hammer approach needed to get the WRX to behave.

Almost all Non-M BMW’s to DS

Yep..128i (2008-2013), 228i (F22) (2014-2016), 328 (F30/F31/F34, including diesel) (2012-2016), 3-Series (E46, non-M3) (1999-2006), 3-Series (E90/E92/E93) (Non-M3, Non-Turbo) (2006-2012), 428i (F32/F33/F36) (2014-2016) are all slated to move to DS from the FS classing. For good measure, the E36 M3 would also sit and campaign in DS also. While I used to be a big BMW fan (owned a super fun 325 E36) and was in love with the brand growing up, I have to say BMW has missed the mark on what it means to have a great driver’s car. They have definitely come close to the introduction of the new M2, but it’s been tough to get a nimble drivers car from them in a long time. Out of all of those Bavarians looking to get moved, the 228i is probably the one I would go for in that list. TBH, I’m not sure if the 7″ wheel would be nearly enough for a wide enough tire to make that thing behave and not have it’s ass-end swinging around. The move for for an E36 M3 into DS makes sense too IMHO. Well done here SEB!

Non V8 Stangs to DS

Ok. I have an issue with this one as I drove against Mark Scroggs at the San Diego Match Tour when he was borrowing the Toups Ecoboost Mustang. I was borrowing the Mullens WRX on lightweight wheels and exhaust with alignment as my car was in the shop. 50.529 was my best run on Saturday (competition day) and I paxed 31st out of 151 entrants. This was enough to actually win my class and get 2nd overall in the “Underdog Challenge”. The 2015 Triad Award recipient though, had a 49.274 (he also won his class) in the Ecoboost Pony car. This was eye opening to me because I felt as through I did some of my best driving that day and have been paxing fairly high in the regional events and faring well at National Level events.  I’m having a hard time trying to fathom getting the WRX to go much faster, but then again I don’t have shocks yet, so I dunno.

So what does this actually mean?

Honestly? Not a damn thing as of right now. These are just my thoughts on the latest edition of Fastrack. We’ll see if these classing changes go forth for ’17, but honestly if they do, it’s very likely that the DS field fill be quite varied this next year.