apexjunky is gearing up to support all drivers for the upcoming 2016 Solo SCCA Season and is proud to announce a humble contingency plan for looking to get some personalized apexjunky swag for all entrants at National Level Events including Match Tours, National Tours, Pro Solo, Pro Solo Finale, and SCCA Nationals.

What Do I Get?

  • Custom Sweatshirt with the apexjunky logo of your color choice from the available options. The sleeve will have your first initial, car number, class designation. Front and Back of Sweatshirt will read “apexjunky 2016 Venue Name Class Winner – Class – $49.99 Value
  • Customized apexjunky T-Shirt – Customized T-shirt and Logo color of your choice. T-shirt will read “apexjunky 2016 Venue Name Class Winner – Class – $24.99 Value
  • Your very own coupon code, good for 20% off any apexjunky.com order

Placement Requirements

Drivers looking to capitalize on this contingency plan will require the following:

  • Placement of the decals and the application should be done neatly and should retain the entirety of the logo. No splicing.
  • Minimum of two, 8″ apexjunky logo vinyls which easily visible on the car fender, hood/trunk, or doors. Logo must be in contrast to your vehicle color. Available options for the logo are: White, Black, Matte black,  Silver, Yellow, Gold, Copper, Grey, Matte, Clear, Lime Green, Mint, Aqua, Chrome Blue, Light Blue (Scottish flag), Orange, Black Oil Slick, Brown, Cream, Lavender.  These will be available for purchase for $2.00 shipped.

Eligible Classes and further requirements

apexjunky is proud to support all sanctioned classes within the SCCA Solo program (including Ladies Classes). Please see the SCCA Rulebook for classing questions.

  • Minimum of 3 drivers in class in order to qualify
  • Decals must be present on the vehicle during competition runs.
  • Decals applied on removable magnets are accepted as long as the the magnetic strips are cleanly cut and the logo decal properly applied.
  • It is the competitors’ responsibility to fill out the contingency form, and are asked to promote the “#apexjunky” hashtag and tagging “@apexjunky” on Instagram. Drivers are also encouraged to take photos and upload them to the existing apexjunky Facebook group on http://www.facebook.com/groups/apexjunky.

Good luck apexjunky drivers!