Let’s get to it folks. Here’s what I came up with.

1) E30 BMW


I think any list like this is POINTLESS without the E30, both in M and non M formats. What we have now are fat and bloated variants of these cars. Bring us our glorious oversteer with little to no electronic nannies!

2) Mercedes 190 Cosworth


How can you even think of E30 without it’s arch rival the 190 Mercedes? May not have had the success that the E30 had, but man it’s still a cool car, and IMHO belongs on this list.

3) Nissan 240SX


The original S13 Pignose. Light-weight, good fuel economy. RWD for a reasonable price. Pop Up Headlights. Oh yes. Very much yes.

4) Mitsubishi Starion


Turbocharged 4 cylinder. As 80s Japanese interior and about as interesting as Duplo block as one might expect, but still…LOOK AT THOSE FLARES!

5) Porsche 944 Turbo


A car that seriously, to this day, still looks modern. I’ve always lusted after these things. Maybe I’ll pick one up in good condition sometime. And then when the engine blows up, v8 swap it. Ah, Dreams.

6) AE86 Corolla


Need I say more?

7) Nissan Skyline GTR


Yes. Need this totally…yes. No I’m not a fan-boy…anymore.

8) FC RX7


Again. Popup headlights and you can rev till Kingdom come…only to do 40. But hey, that’s half the fun!

9) MKII Scriroco


Who doesn’t love this box on wheels with a plaid interior? Come on you know you’d rock one! Right? Modern interpretations look cool…but they’ll never be as cool as the MKII.

10) Honda CRX SI


40mpg, and tons of fun to tear through the corners. Easy to park and cheap to maintain. Move that damn Prius out of my way. I’d much rather have this.