For those that know us, know that we’re obsessed with the sport. In fact you might find us running in 2 regions, SDR-SCCA and Cal Club with the focus primarily on autocross. Whether it’s in our cars or someone else’s we’ve borrowed for the day, we’ll probably see you there. At Team Apex Junky, we’re just suckers for grassroots level Motorsports and invite you to come out to any one of these events.

2016 San Diego Region Autocross Events

Date Qualcomm Stadium Lot Location Host Group Results
Saturday, January 09 Practice, West Lot SCNAX
Sunday, January 10 Championship, West Lot SCNAX  Kaustav – 1st DS
Kristen – 3rd DS
Dhiraj – 2nd STX
Patrick – 1st STX
Saturday, January 30 Practice, West Lot TART
Sunday, January 31 Championship, West Lot TART Kaustav – 3rd DS
Kristen – 4th CS
Patrick – 3rd STX
Dhiraj – N/A
Sunday, February 14 Championship, West Lot DCCSD  Kaustav –
Kristen –
Sunday, March 06 Championship, West Lot SCAT Kristen –  1st DS
Kaustav – 2nd DS
Dhiraj – N/A
Patrick – 1st STX
Sunday April 01-03 SCCA National Match Tour, West Lot SCCA Kaustav – 1st DS
Dhiraj – 4th STX
Patrick – 6th STX
Kristen –  8th STX


Sunday, April 17 Championship, West Lot SDAD Kaustav –  1st DS
Patrick – 3rd STX
Kristen – N/A
Dhiraj – N/A
Saturday, May 07 Novice School. SE Lot REGION
Sunday, May 15 Championship, SE Lot SCNAX Kaustav – 1st DS
Kristen – 4th CS
Dhiraj – 3rd DS
Patrick – N/A
Saturday, June 04 Practice, SE Lot TART
Sunday, June 05 Championship, SE Lot TART  Kaustav – 1st DS
Kristen – N/A
Dhiraj – N/A
Patrick – 4th STX
Saturday, June 25 Practice, SE Lot DCCSD
Sunday, June 26 Championship, SE Lot DCCSD

Los Angeles Region Autocross Events

Coming Soon!

2016 SCCA National Championships

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