Fellow apexjunky member and good friend Kenny B. took his Hondata-flashed and K20-powered Yellow CRX to a Speed Ventures track day at Streets of Willow last weekend. Officially renamed by our apexjunky members as the “Psycho Pineapple”, this little pocket rocket CRX really hangs with some of the fastest. With this being Kenny’s first time to Streets, he laid down a staggering 10th place overall finish with a 1.28.193 in a Speed Ventures “Street Class” on 205 width RE71R. Interested to see what happens on the next time out with wider track and better brakes that won’t boil after 2 sessions!

Take a Ride in a K20 Powered CRX in Streets of Willow

Note: There seems to be an issue with some browsers starting the video at the designated time frame. The video basically starts at 11:30 seconds so scroll to that time to see the action… I have notified the owner of the video to try and trim it.

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Feature Photo by Larry Houghton of lateapexphoto.com