The Venn Diagram issue… Cheap, lightweight, and strong…and now you’re supposed to pick two.

Before we start offending the “cheap wheel” fans, keep in mind my racing mindset is trying to get the optimal performance. There is nothing wrong with going with a cheaper wheel for the look, in fact I know several that do, but when it comes to racing, or if you want to do “do it right”, spending that little extra is pretty important for the sake of keeping your wheel bearings happy.

Check out this great video by DRIVE as they go talk to the folks over at HRE, specifically the CEO, Alan Peltier, who breaks the concept down in a pretty nice, easy to follow format, although his delivery is a little awkward at times.

While I’m not necessarily saying that HRE is the only one option of the wheel, it does kind of break down why you’d want to spend a little extra for the performance wheel…especially if you’re racing.

If however you’ve stumbled across the site and have always wanted to know what a set of HRE wheels may run for your Subaru, Mitsubishi, Porsche, etc, I’d recommend talking to Dieter (Well I guess Daniel is good too) and the guys over at HG Motorsports in San Diego.